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I’m a Graphic Designer and there is one thing that I know all to well; you can have the most brilliant design but if it doesn’t look good when it prints then your design is useless. I found you guys when I was doing a freelance job with business cards-when I received the cards I was blown away. The feedback from everyone who sees them is nothing but positive. I also work full time in a Marketing department and had to do 10,000 brochures. We are unable to print that many on our printers here and needed a place with a reasonable price and who also did good work. I was a bit skeptical to use you guys since it was a lot of brochures and the company’s money. But I convinced my boss to use you and we were very pleased with the final product. We have a small budget and we thought that meant doing away with the quality but you guys prove that you can get quality at a good price at Perceptive Graphics. So my thanks to everyone there who did all the hard work to make our product look good!