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Every Door Direct Mail!

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If you are a business that mails postcards to your customers by targeting them geographically, this new mailing program by USPS (United States Postal Service) is definitely for you.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a brand new service initiated by USPS that enables regular and small businesses to mail postcards at an astonishing 18.3 cents/postcard rate. Moreover, this also doesn’t require you to have a mailing address list.

At perceptive Graphics, we print your postcards and directly send them to you so that you can complete the preparations for the Every Door Direct Mail program on the USPS website. We will be right beside you, assisting you in every phase of creating your paperwork for your postcards.

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Fundamental Advantages of Every Door Direct Mail

  • 1. EDDM Does Not Demand A Postage Permit:

    When you use the traditional method for mailing postcards, you need to acquire a postage permit to send. That postage permit alone can cost more than $450. However, for EDDM Retail, this amount required for the postage permit has now been waived.

  • 2. EVERY DOOR DIRECT MAIL Doesn’t Require A Mailing List:

    The USPS is turning its back on ‘address lists.’ Now they are promoting the ‘No Address List’ formula, which is also called simplified address. All you need now are two simple words, “Postal Customer,” and your mail or post will be delivered safely by the post office mail carrier.

  • 3.Bigger Sizes Of Card Generate Greater Response:

    When you use a mailing piece that is almost 6.25″ x9″ or larger, you’ll have plenty of space available to put your message on and deliver it to your customer. The bigger size cards are almost three times the size of a standard 4″ x6″.

  • 4. Can Be Posted From Any Local Post Office:

    EDDM Local Post
    There’s no need to waste time looking and understanding how to use a business mail entry system. The most significant advantage of EDDM Retail is that you can mail it through any local post office, using cash, debit card, or a cheque.

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) Retail gives you the benefit of marketing yourself to your neighborhood without requiring any specific names or addresses. By opting for EDDM, you save the direct cost of purchasing a mailing list and a postage permit. When you remove these two hefty expenses, you save hundreds of dollars and use them on your mailing campaign. When you combine these savings with your previous savings from not having a first-class stamp on your mail, you get the most efficient of all marketing tools that you can use to promote your business.

EDDM Approved Sizes

*Please Note: All EDDM Products Can Be Bundled in 50 PIECE or 100 PIECE BUNDLES for a small additional charge.

  • 5,000 and below: 50 piece bundles = $35 – 100 piece bundles = $25
  • 5,001 – 10,000: 50 piece bundles = $50 – 100 piece bundles = $35
  • 10,001+: 50 piece bundles = $95 – 100 piece bundles = $55

Post Cards (6.5″ x 9″)

16pt, UV, Glossy Finish. Full Color Both Sides

$129.95$149.95$179.95$239.95$319.95$449.95 $599.95$699.95$899.95$1,299.95$1,499.95$1,999.95$2,499.95$2,799.95 $5,499.95

Post Cards (6.5″ x 12″)

16pt, UV, Glossy Finish. Full Color Both Sides


Flyers(8.5 x 11)

16pt, Cover Stock, Glossy, Full Color Both Sides


Brochures (11 x 17)

1/2 Fold Only
100Lb Book Stock Glossy, Full Color Both Sides


Frequently Asked Questions

    • What Does Every Door Direct Mail Mean?

      EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) is a relatively new concept introduced by USPS (United States Postal Service). This new and unique mailing system allows retail businesses to mail their postcards at a rate of 18.3 cents per postcard. You can also send brochures, business catalogs, samples, or anything else. In short, you can easily mail anything as long as it comes under “commercial flat” size.

    • What’s The Size Of A Commercial Flat?

      A “commercial flat” standard is larger than 6.125″ or taller than 11.5″. Even the thickness of commercial flats varies. It can not be thicker than ¼ of an inch. The largest size available in the commercial flat for mail is 12″ x15″.

    • Where Can I Send My Mail?

      EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) gives you the advantage of mailing every possible home and business that comes in between your mailing route. Every zip code has different counts, and each of these zip codes contains at least 300-600 homes and businesses. So, at a given time, you can easily mail 300-600 households and businesses.

    • How Do I Get To Know The Routes?

      You locate and find routes with the help of geo-targeting your area by a zip code or address. Using the relevant website, you can map out and see all the possible carrier routes to mail your postcards.

    • Can I Hand-Pick The Houses To Which I Wish To Deliver?

      You can most definitely omit certain businesses from your mailing list. The route you choose will deliver your mail to every house that comes under the zip code. You do not get an opportunity to pre-select houses and send your mails specifically to them. However, you can exclude specific house addresses that include your competitor, customers, or people who do not wish to get any marketing mails. To ban an address, you can use the facing slip in the provided paperwork by the website and remove the addresses.

    • Is There Any Per Day Limit For Sending Mails?

      If you are using EDDM for your business mailing purpose, then EDDM Retail allows you to send a minimum of 200 and a maximum of 5000 mails in a day.