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Magnetic Cards Printing Services
Magnetic Cards Printing Services

Magnetic Cards

Stay on people’s minds all the time with Magnetic Cards. We print your magnetic cards with the best UV coating on a 17-point magnetic stock. They are handy, easily adjust anywhere and let you do the needed and effective promotion for your business. Since they stick around all day, people tend to see them more often, making it hard to take your business off their minds.

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Magnetic Cards Size

2" x 3.5"$79.95$109.95$159.95$259.95$469.95
2" x 3.5" (OVAL)$99.95$139.95$189.95$319.95$559.95
4" x 3"$119.95$179.95$279.95$559.95$989.95
4" x 6"$279.95$299.95$569.95$1,059.95$1,919.95
4" x 8"$329.95$359.95$669.95$1,259.95$2,299.95
4" x 11"$419.95$459.95$849.95$1,619.95$2,959.95
5" x 7"$459.95$489.95$929.95$1,779.95$3,239.95
8.5" x 5.5"$489.95$539.95$1,019.95$2,029.95$3,729.95

Other quantities and sizes are also available.

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