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Magnetic Cards

Full Color Magnets serve as both magnets and vibrant messaging tools. Printed on superior 17-point magnetic stock with UV coating, Magnets are the ideal way to help ensure your carefully crafted message doesn’t get thrown away.

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Magnetic Cards Size

2" x 3.5"$79.95$109.95$159.95$259.95$469.95
2" x 3.5" (OVAL)$99.95$139.95$189.95$319.95$559.95
4" x 3"$119.95$179.95$279.95$559.95$989.95
4" x 6"$279.95$299.95$569.95$1,059.95$1,919.95
4" x 8"$329.95$359.95$669.95$1,259.95$2,299.95
4" x 11"$419.95$459.95$849.95$1,619.95$2,959.95
5" x 7"$459.95$489.95$929.95$1,779.95$3,239.95
8.5" x 5.5"$489.95$539.95$1,019.95$2,029.95$3,729.95

Other quantities and sizes are also available.

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